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About Choroní


We have close connections to many good restaurants in the area -everything from Pizza to Gourmet. Ask us and we can give recommendations and make reservations.



  • Internet: If you don't have a computer and hence cannot use our Wifi connection there are several internet cafés in Puerto Colombia.
  • Telephone: There is also a Movistar (one of Venezuela´s mobile telephone companies) store in Puerto Colombia where you can make national and international calls.


  • Temperature: The temperature in Choroní is very stable and averages around 28-29 degrees Celsius during daytime. Water temperatures are usually around 25-27 degrees Celsius.
  • Seasons: There are 2 seasons that are rather indistinct. The dry season lasts from December to April, the wet one from May to November. It is important to point out that rainy season very seldom means days of rain. Rather it normally rains for a few hours on occasional days.
  • Hurricanes: Venezuela and Choroní do not lay in the hurricane belt. Thus hurricanes are very rare here.


Choroní has only one bank and limited access to ATM machines. In some restaurants you can pay with debit and credit cards.


In Choroní there is quite good commercial activity but it is not developed in the way that it carries large supermarkets. Rather there are small stores and stands that sell most things you need. There are several stores that sell groceries but the offer is rather limited. Liquor, wine and beer are sold in several stores and there are also a few stores that sell nice beach wear.

For great shopping with a massive offer with local and international brands, Maracay, 1,5 h away, is the best choice. Maracay, which is the 4th largest city of Venezuela with its 1.9 million inhabitants, has many really good malls.


There are seldom problems with crime in Choroní and it is generally safe during both day and night time. However it is always good to take normal safety measures when at the beach or in the towns.

The sea can be very rough at times and unfortunately incidents do occur. We only work with experienced boatmen that also say no when the weather conditions are bad even though it can be tempting to earn an extra buck. Also be careful when swimming since the currents can be quite strong at times. If this is a worry it can be a good options to choose Valle Seco, that is protected by reefs which disables the currents or Playa Grande that have life guards from 8 am to 4 pm every day.


There are two public health centers in the region, one in Puerto Colombia and one in Choroní. They are however limited and for serious injuries Maracay is to prefer where there are many public and private clinics. Don't forget to have a good healthcare insurance and bring a copy of the insurance to show in the clinics.


  • Beach Towels: The towels at the hotel is only for use at the hotel. There are however stores in Puerto Colombia where you can buy towels.
  • Beach wear and casual clothing: it is very seldom anybody dresses up in Choroní. 
  • Binoculars: if you are at all interested in birds and a bird book if you are a serious bird watcher.
  • Books if you like to read. There are no book stores in Choroní.
  • Snorkelling gear: there are also gear to buy in Puerto Colombia.
  • Mosquito repellant: there can be quite a few mosquitoes at times so bring repellant.
  • High factor sun block: the sun is fierce here
  • Sun glasses: you will need them
  • A torch can come in handy during night and possible power cuts.
  • An open attitude and a great smile. :) Even though things do not always turn out as planned most people seem to love Choroní. Just leave your tough city demands at home and you will too…

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