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To have a specific page for just the garden might be a bit unusual for a hotel but we are so proud of our garden so we just couldn't help it!

Garden from Churuata with frame

Right where Henri Pittier National Park begins we boast with 3 acres of land stretching from the town of Puerto Colombia to the Caribbean Sea. Some of this land has been worked, some has been left wild. The worked land constitutes the garden of La Bokaina and it is truly an oasis of calmness. Whether you prefer strolling around watching the hummingbirds in their search for nectar or lying in a hammock reading a novel it is a veritable luxury to find oneself in this garden.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Relaxed reading

Reading in hammock

Hummingbird hunting

Hummingbird close up

And the guests say...

"A beautiful place to relax surrounded by spectacular gardens"

Ana Martinez, Venezuela

Guest meditating

Guest meditatingThe garden serves well for meditation. Here we see a guest in the position "cosmic antenna"

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