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Boat ride close up Monica & JoakimVenezuela has the longest Caribbean coastline of all nations and in the area surrounding Choroní there are so many gorgeous beaches that you only can reach by boat. Visiting these beaches also means less people since the main beach Playa Grande can be quite crowded during weekends and peak season. The boat trip itself is an adventure as we sometimes are accompanied by dolphins and since the sea usually is quite wavy.

For the tours we work with different guides so please consult with us for prices and availability.   

Attention, the sea can be very rough at times and unfortunately incidents do occur. We only work with experienced boatmen that also say no when the weather conditions are bad even though it can be tempting to earn an extra buck. Also be careful when swimming since the currents can be quite strong at times. If this is a worry it can be a good option to choose Valle Seco, that is protected by reefs which disables the currents or Playa Grande that have life guards from 8 am to 4 pm every day.

Cepe with frameThe boat from Puerto Colombia takes about 20 minutes. Cepe is a paradise beach where you can also scuba dive and snorkel. Here you will find food kiosks, parasol and sun chair's rental, at least during the weekends.



Valle Seco with frame

Valle Seco
10 minutes by boat from Puerto Colombia we find this beautiful beach with white sand. A coral reef protects the beach from the waves forming a natural pool making Valle Seco ideal for families with kids and one of the best places in the area to snorkel. Just make sure to bring your sun protection as shadow is scarce. Food service is limited to weekends.                                                 

Uricao with frameWhite sand, transparent waters, coconut trees... the perfect setting for a wonderful day at the beach. Located 30-35 minutes from Puerto Colombia by boat, Uricao is considered one the most beautiful beaches in the area. A virgin beach with limited touristic infrastructure.



Chuao beach with frameChuao
Small village famous for its cacao plantations where some of the finest cocoa beans in the world are produced. There is no road access and visitors must travel by boat from Puerto Colombia. The trip takes about 20 minutes and you arrive at a pretty beach. If you wish to visit the picturesque town, you will need to walk about 40 minutes or take the public bus. From the center of town, a two hour walk takes you to the "Chorrerón" a beautiful 70m-high waterfall. This walk can only be made with a guide. (See Trekking ) You can combine this beach trip with a visit to the cacao plantations.

La Ciénega
La Ciénega with frameAlmost 1 hour by boat from Puerto Colombia you'll find the absolutely gorgeous La Ciénega. This lagoon like bay is almost completely protected from the sea, thus the area boasts with very calm waters. The various beaches of the bay are lined by profound mangrove forest and the crystal clear turquoise waters makes it the best place in the area to go snorkeling.

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