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Bird watching

groove-billed toucanet with frameWith its 600 species, 6 % of the world's species, the birding in Henri Pittier National Park is truly world class. As a comparison the whole of Unites States has 700 species. The endemic (only live here) species are, among several; Groove-billed Toucanet, Blood-eared Parakeet and handsome fruit eater. Other species worth mentioning are  blue-grey tanager, Blue-winged tanagers, White-tipped Quetzal and several species of hummingbirds and eagles. We can arrange for you the tours below. All are minimum 2 people.  If you are a professional  it might be good to bring your own binoculars. The guide is English speaking.

For the tours we work with different guides so please consult with us for prices and availability. 

Low altitude (~6-8.30 am) Guide
Medium altitude* (~10-12.30 am)
Guide & Transportation
High altitude* (4-6.30 pm) Guide & Transportation

*For the medium and high altitude section is it required to choose minimum two sections. For example a combination of Low and Medium. 

Wikipedia on Henri Pittier

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