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On your own

Playa Grande with frameChoroní and Puerto Colombia offer you the possibility to enjoy different activities on your own.

Playa Grande, 10 minutes walking from La Bokaina is one of the main attractions and also great for surfing. Another beach is the small but pleasant El Diario which is located some 30 minutes away walking from the hotel. It is perfect if you would like to have a beach of your own without having to go by boat. You can also visit La Bokaina beach only 5 minutes from the hotel. This beach is great for pictures but not ideal for swimming.

The colonial town of Choroní will charm you with the narrow streets and beautiful colorful houses. Visit the statue "el Cristo" for a panoramic view of the area.

Some minutes by car from Choroní, you can also visit refreshing rivers and waterfalls as El Dique, el Tesoro and el Lajao.

Choroní is safe

Generally speaking Choroní and surroundings are really safe but it is always good to take normal safety measures when being on the beach or visiting the towns
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