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Henri Pittier tree from below with frameHenri Pittier is Venezuel's first National Park and there are reasons why. The trekking in here is fantastic! Dense rain forest, high mountains, clear rivers, gorgeous waterfalls and a giant biological diversity give you a great variation. We have different types of guided trekking possibilities. All treks have a minimum of 2 people. The guides are English speaking if not noted otherwise.

For the tours we work with different guides so please consult with us for prices and availability. 


 Full day Henri Pittier (~8.30 am-2.30 pm) Lunch, Transportation & Guide  Lunch, Transportation & Guide
 Full day Chorrerón waterfall (~8.30 am-4.00 pm)    Transportation & Spanish speaking Guide
 Half day Henri Pittier (~8.30-12.30 am)  Transportation & Guide
 River trekk (~4.00-6.00 pm)  Transportation & Guide
 2 days, 1 night Henri Pittier full pension   Trekking, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Accomodation  (Hammock), Transportation & Guide


Wikipedia on Henri Pittier

Chorréron waterfall

Chorréron waterfallGoing to the 70 meter high waterfall Chorréron and have a well deserved swim beneath it, is a great day trip

Trekking for everyone


There are treks to suit most tastes; long, short, easy, advanced...

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