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Choroní & Puerto Colombia

Colonial houses in Choroní with frame

After one and half hours of driving from Maracay through the National Park Henri Pittier, crossing beautiful mountains and dense rainforest you will be greeted by the statue of Madre Maria. When you see her, you just arrived in Choroní a colonial village with narrow streets and beautiful houses. 3 km from Choroni lays Puerto Colombia which is your final destination. In this ancient fishing village you'll find the Caribbean sea, a beach walk and the main beach Playa Grande.

Puerto Colombia from above with framePuerto Colombia! This view is from the statue of the Christ. It is located 20 minutes by foot from the beach walk. From there you'll get a marvelous view of the village and the Caribbean Sea and it is the perfect spot to watch the sun go down in the horizon.  

The one thing that formed these lands more than anything is the Cacao. As early as in the 17th century the cultivation began and with it came wealth and large haciendas. The area of Choroní had in its heydays many large Cacao with framehaciendas where the García family, from which Evelyn the owner of La Bokaina is a descendant, was the owner of Hacienda El Portete, the land on which La Bokaina is built. During World War II the steep sales drop of Cacao led to an abrupt ending för most haciendas. But still Chuao, the adjacent village east of Choroní produces Cacao which is renowned to be among the best in the world. The Cacao is in its entirety exported to Europe for further production into chocolate.

La Bokaina arranges trips to go to Chuao to visit the cacao plantations. More info on a trip to Chuao.

Still need more inspiration or information? Watch the video below or read here what Wikipedia has to say about Choroní (external link in Spanish).


Wikipedia on Choroní


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Read what Wikipedia has to say about Choroní (external link in Spanish)

The National Park

Bird in Henri PittierThe National Park Henri Pittier is the first in Venezuela   and is a montainous rainforest boasting a staggering 600 species of birds. More information on trekking and bird watching

Best beach in Venezuela...

Lonely PlanetAccording to Lonely Planet Venezuela , Playa Grande in Choroní is the best beach in Venezuela

Hot hot hot....

Dancing tamboresWeekend nights at Malecón (the beach walk) there is Tambores dancing where the men challenge one another to win the hearts of the teasing women. Do you dare have a go at it?

Dancing with the devils

Dancing devil

Every year the festival of the dancing devils takes place in Choronís neighbouring village Chuao and people are dancing and partying for several days to Afro-Caribbean beats.

A blog article on Choroní

Russell Maddicks has a blog and here is a very good post on Choroní (external link)

Learn how to surf

Man taking surf classIf you like surfing. Why not try it out in a surf class?  More information on surfclasses

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