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Venezuela bookWith, among all, the Andean mountains, the Caribbean Sea and the Amazon rainforests Venezuela has so much to offer.

In this section we highlight a few of them and we hope that you will have the opportunity to, at least, visit some of them. We are certain they all will be amazing experiences and memories for life.

Below you will see a video that gives you a good overview of things to do and places to see. Enjoy!

Click here for information on things to know of before coming to Venezuela.



Angel Falls with frame

Canaima with Angel Falls -Highest waterfall in the world surrounded by amazing nature.



Isla Margarita with frame

Isla Margarita -Venezuela most developed tourist region with both charter all inclusive hotels and more remote villages and beaches.


Los Roques with frame 2Los Roques -Paradise islands with white sand and crystal clear water. Some say they are the most beautiful in the Caribbean. 



Los llanos with frameLos Llanos -great plains where Venezuelan cowboys reside and where you can spot crocodiles, anacondas and capybaras.



Merida with frameMérida -Andean city with high density of adrenaline sports; trekking, mountain biking, paragliding to name a few.



Orinoco Delta with frameOrinoco Delta -One of the biggest river deltas of the world, as big as Belgium, here you can visit the Warao indians, fish piranhas and go on caiman safari.

Wikipedia on Venezuela

Little Venice...

VespucciWhen Amerigo Vespucci arrives in Venezuela in 1499 he sees villages that the indigenous people had built over the water. This reminds him of Venice, Italy so he calls the region Venezuela which means Little Venice.

The Liberator

  Simón Bolívar liberated Venezuela from Spain 1811 and still he is the great hero in the eyes of the people
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